“Firewall” – The new book by Hannes Sommer

"Firewall" - The new book by Hannes Sommer

"Firewall" - The New Book By Hannes Sommer

„Our minds are the new battlefield in the digital age. This war is happening in all of us. Every day. Uninterrupted. And this war is merciless. Social media are the minefields, television and digital streams are the flight squadrons and the daily news are the bombs that descend on us every single moment. But the most fascinating thing about this is, that most of us lose this battle yet we don’t even notice it. And just like in a real war, we also lose our freedom. Bit by bit. The longer this mental war lasts, the more people succumb. The war victims are easy to recognize, even in everyday life. They are alive, but they are not really living. You could compare them to zombies. This has a lot to do with the fact that the entire pixelated sector of the entertainment media is pulling us into some sort of vegetative state. Equivalent to an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) bomb that paralyzes all defense and warning systems. We are defenseless and weak. Basically naive, and in no way prepared for something like this. It is by far the greatest propaganda and influencing of the masses since the existence of human kind. And it is an attack on our most important and God-given ability: to think for ourselves. Our freedom, our happiness in life, simply everything depends on it.”

Firwall – for our mind and spirit

Hannes Sommer writes in his book “Firewall” about the preliminary résumé of the digital information and manipulation war, its obvious dangers, but also about how we can win this battle. It is about getting the right awareness and learning certain skills, that all of us can train in a targeted manner.

„Don’t look for technological solutions. When it comes to this question, it makes no sense to trust those companies and developers who, through data monitoring, make us easily controllable buyers. Their whole profit is built on the fact that we can be manipulated and controlled. Why should these corporations and governments protect our freedom when our mental subjugation made them so overwhelming in the first place. “Big Tech” and “Big Media” started this marketing massacre. Today they live on the blood of the weak-willed. In their mania for control and manipulation, they will do everything possible to continue to control the humanoid species through targeted influence.

If there is a solution, it must awaken within ourselves. I claim it exists. And I call it “firewall”. A mental, organic and highly sensory as well as insurmountable firewall – for our mind and for our spirit.”

Highly approved system to protect YOU

If you ask Google what a so-called firewall does and for whom it makes sense, the following text appears: „A firewall protects the system from attacks by so-called computer viruses, mostly very harmful programs that are created by exploiting errors in the operating system and can penetrate a working system.“

Data leaks and highly developed computer viruses are just as much a nightmare for corporations as digital hacks are in the home network area when it comes to private data, pictures and chats. So it makes perfect sense to install the latest virus protection in combination with an appropriate firewall. Our data are sacred to us, professionally and privately. “People protect their private data with the latest virus protection and are very worried that someone might gain unauthorized access,” writes Hannes Sommer, who himself belonged to the elite of European software developers for many years at the beginning of the digital era. “But with their most important data by far, their most secret and most important networks, they fail miserably: their brain.

Our brain is a highly specialized, living central processor that simply controls everything in our life. There are around 84 billion nerve cells that act in a perfect symbiosis with each other and thereby form an absolute super network that determines our lives. It is therefore important – no matter what the cost – to protect this deeply complex data center. If someone has your brain, then they have you. And the enemy comes with the nastiest tricks. Countless trillion case studies on our (humanoid) behavior have now been recorded and evaluated. The enemy uses these methods mercilessly. We are practically defenseless. “

Clean up & reboot your system in three steps

The book “Firewall” clearly shows how to successfully build a mental firewall for our minds. The book also lists the most important “Trojans” used by enemy brain hackers, the so-called “mind” viruses. “Every single “mind” virus, if you don’t recognize it and treat it immediately, has the potential to destroy our entire life,” says the author. “Recognizing the virus and trojan in your own head is the first step. Then to clean up your own system. Once people start the „cleaning“ process, they are amazed and sometimes deeply shocked at how much they have been controlled and how deep the manipulation actually goes.“

In the second step, the reader learns how to manage his new life with his virus-free operating system, and how many unspeakable possibilities are opening up with it. “Free thinking takes courage. After becoming aware of the manipulation, one feels a little helpless at first, almost naked. Many trained patterns can no longer be lived, because they arise from external control and the delusion of influencers. At the same time, one realizes that one has not really lived HIS OWN life up to now. Many people recognize themselves for the first time and see who they really are. It is fascinating. And that is truly an understatement. It is more like a rebirth. From the outside it looks like in a movie when a demon is cast out and the victim recognizes and feels himself again afterwards and becomes human in the process.”

In the third and final step, the reader learns to keep his system (his head) clean and virus-free. “A mental firewall is literally set up, and it is installed and put into operation for your own mind and intellect. The reader learns what can be done to build up a so-called immunity to these “mind” viruses, to no longer be manipulable for other people and at the same time to develop his new, rediscovered thinking.

Further news about the premiere and the planned publication date of the book “Firewall” by Hannes Sommer will be announced shortly.