Inspiration Factory Expands Its High-End Video Podcast Studios

Inspiration Factory Expands Its Hi-End Video Podcast Studios

For more than 15 years, the Creative Department of the Inspiration Factory has been concentrating on the efficient creation of brands, particularly in the field of digital video marketing.

“The topic of video marketing has actually made huge leaps in development over the past couple of years and provides companies brand-new access to consumers and potential partners,” states Inspiration Factory CEO Hannes Sommer, describing the existing trend. “Companies that do not have at least one full-time video specialist on their team today will discover the challenges of keeping up with this trend in the future. Anyone who is not up to date in the video and filmmaking sector is leaving an extraordinary quantity of potential behind.”

Successful customer acquisition by Inspiration Factory

Gernot Scheriau, Inspiration Factory’s internet marketing expert, describes the benefits of videos on the world wide web: “Movies and reliable video material define the leading tier in Web marketing. Online sales experience entirely brand-new possibilities by appealing to all of the senses. Excellent content stays in the head, while simple texts and images generally never touch us as deeply as a movie can.”

The rapid technological development in the field of mobile end devices also makes customers the perfect viewer: Our displays are getting bigger, data connections are faster and cheaper, and we can stream content from the Internet from anywhere, regardless of location.

Concrete campaign analysis and accurate data evaluation: In particular, the fusion of video content in connection with artificial intelligence offer completely new possibilities in the area of online sales and presentation as well as customer loyalty. Video content, which is based on well-founded customer knowledge, is very likely to be successful in terms of customer acquisition.

Over 25 years of experience and 1,500 spoken events

Hannes Sommer has been a speaker for international corporations for over 25 years and has spoken at events with over 10,000 participants in German and English, as well as on international stages with simultaneous live translation. He has spoken at over 1,500 events and held several thousand talks and conference calls on a wide variety of topics.

With his very special way of packing the topics in a sophisticated and very motivating wording and on the other hand also conveying things very clearly, he has also helped big brands and companies, users, groups and learners in all sectors with his gift and has even trained speakers himself. With this background and know-how, he has founded various podcast formats and instructed companies in this area in an advisory capacity and now also broadcasts his own format.

Hannes Sommer offers people the opportunity to gain a foothold here from scratch and, so to speak, relieves them of the entry hurdles and breaks down the topics of speaking, rhetoric, lecturing – whether at events or digitally, whether podcast, broadcast, seminar management, company presentation, Sales presentation and closing – very clear and easy.

Unique video production studio in Klagenfurt / Austria

A total of four fully equipped production and podcast locations are new in the corporate environment of Inspiration Factory Europe. “We have used the latest hi-end technology in the field of film and animation, so we are able to keep up with the currently leading labels in the areas of recording, production and post production.” CEO Hannes Sommer is a passionate filmmaker and producer himself: “In our podcast, broadcast and interview locations we have up to 8 hi-end cameras per room, some of them fully movable. In the fascinating interplay with the various lighting scenes, the result is a highly professional picture, and gives us great and equally modern possibilities to create innovations, products and content at the highest level with awesome customer popularity.”

In the course of the opening of the new studios, new customer formats have already been implemented. Talk to us and learn about the creative and extensive possibilities of an appealing film and video presentation, right up to your own podcast and broadcast format.