Dynamic communication as the key to success

Dynamic communication as the key to success

Dynamic Communication Is The Key To Success

Everyone knows the feeling. You are in a meeting and you feel that others consistently reject your opinions and your input. Or you make an important personal request to someone and feel that you cannot really convey your point of view. You just don’t really get through and remain misunderstood. It doesn’t have to be like that.

There are, of course, numerous similar situations. And we all experience this regularly. One of the main reasons why we do not feel respected and accepted at work or in our private environment is our lack of so-called “dynamic communication” skills.

Communication is key to build trust

If we don’t feel heard at work, even though we put all our heart into the company, this can quickly lead to great frustration. Once we are in that mood, we tend to misinterpret situations much more often, to condemn people and basically to change from a neutral to a negative colored perception. Lack of or poor communication quickly creates tension and a frustrating environment. Communication is always the key to building trust between people, whether private or professional. And trust is crucial for great performance and results, as well as the long-term beautiful things in life.

The aim is to master communication and to have a clear plan. Dynamic communication is one of the most important skills we need to develop in our life. It’s important to understand that communication builds bridges and connects people in powerful ways. People who can convey their point of view objectively can very quickly form strong teams, build relationships, combine forces and are ultimately more successful in all areas of life.

In order to communicate effectively and dynamically, you have to know what you want and also be conscious of your own personal needs. Before you communicate your concern, identify it as precisely as possible and make it clear what you expect from the other person. When a problem occurs, try to get some clarity about what the problem is and why you are experiencing it. Do you feel disrespected and marginalized when a colleague in a meeting is not open to your opinion? It is your responsibility to start the difficult conversation.

Regular training courses with Hannes Sommer

Communicate the topic directly without distorting things, becoming emotional, being judgmental or reacting defensively during the conversation. Clarity and objectivity are the basis of finding a solution. Always take responsibility and let the other person know that you are. And be as transparent as possible in doing so.

Important tip: express your concerns and wishes politely but directly! Simple and to the point. The less verbose, the better. In discussions, you concentrate on conveying your point of view as precise as possible and driving the conversation forward and thus getting closer to a solution.

Hannes Sommer holds regular training courses in the field of “dynamic communication” and, on request, also offers private coaching in this diverse area. If you are interested, please contact us. We look forward to communicating with you!